Thank You to Our Donors!

  Thank you to the following generous donors who support local history preservation and education.  They help us “Bring History to Life” for youth and adults.

Settler Level Donors

Bob and Jan Blazich

Frederick Bock (Bock Room)

Cindy and David Bock (Krueck Library)

George and Char Bonniwell

Anne and Shaw Bridges

Gary and Sandra Videkovich Brown

Gregory and Jeanne Custer 

Fred Derr and Nina Look

Robert Dohmen

Kim and Ann Harter

Liz and Bob Hickman

Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust

George and Virgilee Krueck Family

David and Camille Kundert

Jerry McGinnis

Tammie and Jim Strause


Tammie Strause from Terri Lockwood

Owen from grandmother Nancy Perez


Kendra Bock from Cindy and Dave Bock

Paul and Lydia Dobberfuhl from Toppe Family 

Erickson Children from Dale Erickson

Jerome A. Gill from Suzanne and John Kessler

Lowell Levy from Fred Derr and Nina Look

Donald and Arlie Look from Fred Derr and Nina Look

Elaine Richmond from Matthew and Andrea Richmond Family 

Anne Marie Runde from Fred Derr and Nina Look

Peter and Rachael Gay Turck from Reed Perkins and Laura Rexroth

2018 Grants

Junior Woman’s Club of Mequon-Thiensville

Mequon Community Foundation

Mequon-Thiensville Optimist Club

Mequon Woman’s Club

Pieper Power Foundation

Sunrise Rotary of Mequon-Thiensville 

Thiensville Mequon Rotary Club

Thrivent Financial Services

2018 Donors

Maureen Bauman

Bob & Jan Blazich

Cindy & Dave Bock

Frederick Bock

Roger & Carol Boehlke

Jane Boesch

George & Char Bonniwell

Anne & Shaw Bridges

Brook & Liz Brown

Gary and Sandra Videkovich Brown

Margaret Bussone

Babette Larson Butler

Katie & Chris Callen

Gregory and Jeanne Custer 

Sam Cutler

Tom Daub

Fred Derr & Nina Look

Al & Char Dobberfuhl

Robert Dohmen

Andy & Nancy Egelhoff

Dale & Mary Erickson 

Flierl Family

Amy Foshag-Seiberlich

William Foshag 

Annette Frink

Dave & Judy Goggin

Kevin & Eileen Goniu

Patty Harkensee

Kim & Anne Harter

Ron & Pat Heinritz

Karl & Carol Hertz

Beverly Hess 

Diana Hetzel 

Ellen Hickman

Liz & Bob Hickman 

Bernita & Henry Hile

Jean & Jim Hill 

Rob & Dawn Holyoke

Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust

Dave Jackson

Jean Johnson

Suzanne & John Kessler

Dave & Mandy Kliber

Steve & Mary Jo Knauf

George and Virgilee Krueck Family

David & Camille Kundert

Terri Lockwood

Mary Lou Corrigan Luff

Alfred Lustig & Janice Watson

Jim Marshall

Jerry McGinnis

Barbara Mann-McGinnis

Joe & Judy McGinty

Midstate Insurance

The Mitered Edge 

Jane Moberg

Sandra & Jerry Osborne

Passey Family 

Sandra and Jim Pape

Nancy Perez

Reed Perkins & Laura Rexroth

The Pink Llama Gallery

Ellie & Randy Pipkorn

Connie Pukaite

Justin & Liz Racinowski

Richmond Investment Services

Lynn and Paul Rix

Joyce Rosenberg

Ruschman Family

Mike Runde

Ruzell Family

Mary Ellen Sampe

Mary & Bowne Sayner

Harold & Janet Schnell

Alice & Robert Schilleman

Warren & Alice Seifert

Stan Smith

Carol Stephenson

Peter & Deann Stone

Tammie and Jim Strause

Alden & Gus Taylor

Noreen & John Thiel

Toppe Family

Mike & Peg Uihlein

Umhoefer Family

John & Stacey Wirth

Bill & Camille Woodward

Rachel Muchin-Young

Zellman Family